Let my people go Press Release

Majash Jairu

Ejairu Meshach Efemena whose stage name is Majash Jairu hails from delta state Nigeria. Started his musical career back then in 2013 and have been doing music uptill date. Am Versatile and independent

April 01, 2023

What was the inspiration behind this song and what message do you hope to convey through its lyrics?

Through hardship, hunger and pain of my youthful self and other youth like me who's going through the same trauma and challenge that what brought about the song and the message am passing is for my youth to get up and do what right so that the labour of our heroes past won't be in vain.

How do you approach the creative process in your songwriting?

I work with the mind and the spirit they tell me what too write and what not write and even the beats talks to me spiritually

Can you share any upcoming projects or plans for the future?

Yeah my first EP project titled Ghetto Gospel coming out next but the date is yet to be agreed on so let's just keep the anticipation on.

What impact do you think this song will have on your fans?

This song will give my youth especially the ones who's dreams has been shattered by this bad leadership Hope, Strength and Might to do what right with a clear conscience

Give a shout out to someone who you think helped or inspired you to write this song?

Afro beat founder Fela Anikulakpo kuti. In his time I think he was more focusing on bad leadership, and the suffering of the masses before his dealth

Anything you want to add about this your new single?

Let's come together as one put tribalism, religion or ethnicity aside and do what right for a better nation and a better future



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