What happens after I uploaded my release?

You will receive an email telling you that we have successfully received your release. We review the music, metadata and artwork. We will contact you if we have any questions. We need to follow this process to make sure we meet the strict guidelines set on us by the music stores and blogs.

How long does it take to process releases?

NextXtar needs 10 days to review your releases, sometimes less. When everything looks OK, we send it to the music stores and blogs. Spotify requires your track at least 7 days before the release date, that’s why we need at least two weeks to process your songs.

What about payments and royalties?

We don’t pay royalty, what we do, is based on promotion and discovery of new artiste.

Can I make changes in an upload?

If you need to make a change to your release before it’s approved and sent to stores and blogs, the best option is to just delete your release and create a new one. If you need to make changes to your artwork, you can do this directly on our app. To make changes or take down releases that are live, you’ll need to contact our support team who will be able to help you.

Can I release cover tracks?

Yes, you can upload a cover, but you must add the original songwriters as writers on the track. You need a license, if you don’t have a license, your release will not be distributed.

I use samplings on my beat, is that ok?

Only with the copyright holder’s permission! If you want to use a sample of someone else's music, you need the permission of the song's copyright holder (the writer and/or the publisher), and permission of the owner of the recording, which is usually the record label.

Can I change my artist name?

If you have not yet uploaded any music, the best thing to do is to create a new account with your new artist name. If you have already upload music under your current artist name, then you need to fill out this form, and change all your artwork (if it has your artist name on it).

Can you promote my new song?

Yes, we can promote your songs on a lot of platform, including our app.

What kind of song can be uploaded?

Any types of songs can be uploaded, including Christian songs, Native songs, Highlife, Jazz, hip hop, soul, Blues and traditional music

How do I get my songs on playlists?

Getting streams is the absolute best way to get your tracks noticed and added to playlists. Share your tracks within your community (social media, family and friends!). That's how the streaming platform algorithms kick in and pick up your track. And that's how we find the best tracks on our platform.